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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Dr. Milligan's Motto: “Erase, No!—Step-Over, Can’t!—and Move Forward with Life!”

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What people are saying about Dr. Rosie:

“She is like a tornado—she brings the house down!”—Carmela White

“Dr. Rosie’s tasteful mixture of humor on serious issues makes learning and accepting emotional licks fun.”—Tim Sheppard

“Dr. Rosie Milligan, Health Consultant/Author/Trainer/Motivational Speaker/Radio and Television Personality. I’ve experienced Dr. Milligan in a church setting, corporate organization, and community forums. It’s incredible how well she knows her audiences and speaks to the issues and hearts of each audience.”—Dr. Maxine Thompson

“She captures the heart of the young and the old. There is no generational gap for Dr. Milligan. The youth always want more of her—they, too, give standing ovations for her.”—Kenny Jones

“It’s like she has been here before. I’ve never witnessed so much wisdom. She has her finger on the pulse of male and female issues; and we, men, cannot deny the fact that she has peeped our cards, and she reads through our artificial masks and sees the track of our tears.”—Anthony Moore

“I love Dr. Milligan’s approach to having healthy and balanced relationships. She teaches us that healing is not accomplished via pointing fingers and casting blame.”—Nathan Hargrove


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